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I. Choose the best answer !

Read the following text to answer the question no 1 to 2
    “ Turn left to go ahead “
1.    What does it mean?
a.       You don’t have to stop if you turn left        c.       You may go ahead if you turn right
b.      You must stop first and then go ahead      d.      You must stop at the left side

2.    “Go ahead” has the same meaning with…
a.       Move forward                                            c.       Move upward
b.      Move downward                                        d.      Turn around

Read the following text to answer the question no 3!
         “ Danger…do not go into the water “

3.    What does the notice mean?
a.       You can swim here                                    c.       It’s a right place to bring family to play
b.      It’s too risky to swim here                          d.      You can take a bath here

Read the following text to answer the question no 4 to 7!
            We are going to go camping at Baturaden,4– 7 April 2011. The contribution is Rp 100.000. Members who would like to join the activity should register to Anggito class VIIIA. Registration will be closed on the end of March 2011.
                                                                                                            The chief
4.    What kind of text is the text above?
a.       Advertisement                                           c.       Caution
b.      Notice                                                        d.      Announcement

5.    What should you do if you want to join the activity?
a.       Seeing  Anggito to register                        c.       Going to Baturaden to register
b.      Seeing  Ardianto to register                       d.      Going to teachers room

6.     When will the registration be over?
a.       At the end of April 2011                            c.       31 march 2011
b.      7 april 2011                                                d.      5 April 2011

7.     ‘’Registration will be closed on..” the underlined word has the same meaning with….
a.       Activity                                                       c.       Enrollment
b.      Contribution                                               d.      camping

8.    Aminah : …..did the party run last night?
     Esa       : it ran about 2 hours
a.      how far                                                       c.       how fast
b.      how long                                                    d.      how high

9.     Last night, my family and I (eat) soto in the city square, it (be) fun.
a.       Eating, is                                                    c.       Eating, are
b.      Ate, were                                                    d.      Ate, was

10.  Rina (leave) cilacap for Jakarta since 2 hours ago.
a.       Left                                                            c.       Have left
b.      Have leave                                                  d.      Has left

Read the following text to answer the question no 11 to 14!

In The Sunny Day
            Last weekend, my family and I went to Rongkang beach near our grandparent’s house. The day was sunny and hot. The view of the beach was beautiful. There were many people at the beach. Most of them were teenagers.
            We were having fun. We built a sandcastle. We had to rebuild twice before it really stood up. The first attempt failed because we built it to close to the water. And the second attempt, the successful one, was just right. The spot we choose was not too close to the water and the mixture was good.
            Our parents loved our work. Some people who passed our castle loved it, too. They even took pictures near our castle.We were so proud of our work that day.

11. What is the purpose of the text above ?
a.         To describe the rongkang beach
b.        To retell the writer’s experience in visiting Rongkang beach
c.         To entertain the readers with the activities in Rongkang beach
d.         To describe the Rongkang baech in specific

12. What did the writer and his / her family feel at the time ? They were…..
a.         Happy                                                       c.         Surprised
b.        Sad                                                           d.        Disappointed

13. What does the third paragraph tell you about ?
a.         The location of Rongkang beach              c.         How people liked the sand castle
b.        The view of Rongkang beach                   d.        How the writer built the sandcastle

14. They even took picture…..( par .3)
What does the word they  refer to…
a.       The writer’s parents                                   c.       Some people
b.      The teenagers                                           d.      The writer’s family

Read the following text to answer the question no 15 to 18!

The Goose that Laid Golden Eggs
            Once upon a time, there lived a happy family in a village. A man and his wife lived happily on a little farm, tending their flock of geese and selling their eggs at the market. They were not rich, but they were happy with their life together
            One day a new goose flew in among their flock. The couple was surprised to find a shiny golden egg in her nest. Each and every day after that, the goose laid another egg of solid gold!
The couple was soon richer than they had ever dreamed of, but they were not happy. They grew impatient with only one golden egg a day. The farmer said to his wife, “our goose must be full of gold. Why should we wait to have more eggs?”.
            “If we cut her open,” his wife agreed, “We can get all the eggs at once.” So they killed the goose! They were very surprised to find that it was just like any other goose inside. Even worse, there would never be any more golden eggs

15. What is the purpose of the story?
a.       To describe a particular animal.                 c.       To amuse the readers with the story
b.      To retell the experience in the past            d.      T o share the knowledge with the readers

16. How did the couple relieve their impatience?
a.       By selling the new goose                           c.       By tending their flock of goose
b.      By killing the goose                                    d.      By selling the eggs at the market

17. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
a. The couple lived happily in a village 
b.New goose flew in among their flock
c. The couple wash richer than they had ever dreamed of
d.The couple could get the all the eggs at once

18. What moral value can we learn from the story?
a.       We should know our limitation                   c.        We should stand on our own feet
b.      We must be honest to get success            d.      We must be patient, not be greedy to get richer

Read the following text to answer the question no 19 to 20 

To: Ricky
Mother and I are going to the mall for some window shopping this afternoon. If you are free, you can join us. Meet us in Grand Indonesia at 1 p.m.

19.  What is the short message about?
a.       Dennis’s invitation to go window shopping.
b.      Dennis’s invitation to buy something in the mall.
c.       Ricky’s invitation to go window shopping.
d.      Ricky’s invitation to go window shopping.

20. “Mother and I are going to the mall for some window shopping this afternoon”
What does the underlined phrase means?
a.       Buying the goods displayed in the shop windows
b.      Looking for the goods displayed in the shop windows
c.       Looking at the goods displayed in the shop windows
d.      Selling the goods displayed in the shop windows

II. Answer the following questions  !
1.    Change verb into brancket to be right form!
Two days ago I (go) to East Java with my family.

2.    Tono : Does your mother give you some money to buy english book?
Dodi  : .................... I have english book for studying now.

3.    Make sentence using this clues into comperative form!
Adi  /clever / Rudi.
      Read this letter ! (For no 4 – 5)!

              Dear Tia,
             Thank you very much for the prize you sent. I really love it. The shoes are the right size.                                                  Don’t you want to come here? I have a plan to get you for some fantastic places.
                                                                                                            Best Wishes

4.     Who writes the letter?
5.     What Prize was Risma given to Tia ?

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