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I.              Choose the best answer !
Text I ( No 1 – 5)
A tree has three main parts. They are root (akar), trunk (batang pohon), and crown. Tree`s roots have fuction to absorb water and nutrient from the soil. They olso store sugar and hold the tree upright on the ground. Root also have alot of branhces
 The trunk support the crown and gives the tree its shape (bentuk) and                                                                    strength. it consists many layers which carry water and mineral up from the root. The layers also carry sugar down from the leaves to the branches, trunk and roots
The crown is at the top of the tree. It consist leaves, branches, and twigs. The crown fuctions are to filter dust and other particles from the air. The leaves which contain chlorophyll are the food factory of the tree. The chlorophyll also give green colour to the leaves. 

11.    How many parts do a tree have ?
a.    One                       b.Two                          c. Three                       d. Four
22.    It is the functions of the roots...
a.    To carry water and mineral up
b.    To carry sugar down from the leaves to the other parts
c.    To absorb water and nutrient from the soil and store sugar
d.    To absorb the soil

33.   Where the crown of the tree is.......
a.    at the below           b. in the tree                c. at the middle           d. at the top
44.   What of the leaves contain?...
a.       Water        b. Sugar                      c. Chlorophyll              d. Dust
55.     This flower is often used to decorate the bride at a wedding ceremony. It is white and fragrant. It is the...
a.    Jasmine                b. Sunflower                c. Rose                                    d. Orchid
66.    Look at the picture!
             People say that this flower is symbol of love. It is the...

a.    Orchid                             
b.    Rose
c.    Jasmine
d.    Sun flower
Text 2  ( no. 7 and 8 )
            Sequoias, or redwood trees, grow in the western United States, mostly in Califonia and Oregon. Sequoias are some of the oldest living things on earth. They are also among the biggest. They often grow more than 30 meters high.

77.   Sequoia is the name of...
a.    the new living thing                       c. the city in the United States           
b.    the oldest tree                               d. the country 

88    These are the characteristics of the Sequoia, except...
a.    Red                       b. Old                          c. Green                      d. Tall

99.    Look at the picture !
This animal can run fast. It has long neck and four legs. It eats leaves. It is the...a.    Camel                    c. Giraffe
                                      b.    Rhinoceros            d. rabbit

Text 3 ( No 10 & 11 )
            Lions are carnivores. They eat meat only by hunting. They do the hunting individually or in groups. When the prey is small and weak. They do the hunting induvidually. But when it is large and strong, they need to hunt in group. Female lions do the hunting while the males take the meat from them.

 10. Lions are carnivores because...
a. they only eat meat                               c. they hunt in groups
b. they hunt a prey                                   d. they hunt a small and large prey

11. Lions do the hunting in groups when...
a. the prey is large and strong                 c. the prey is large and weak
        b. the prey is small and strong                d. the prey is small and weak

      Read this letter !
      Dear Santi,
           Thank you very much for the prize you sent. I really love it. The shoes are the right size. Don’t you want to come here? I have a plan to get you for some fantastic places.
                                                                                                            Best Wishes

12. Who writes the letter?
            a. Santi                                    b. Santi and Dara                    c. Dara                        d. Dara and her friend

13. What Prize was Dara given to Santi ?
a. Books               b. Pens                                    c. Dresses                   d. Shoes 
14. Look at the picture!  They are swimming.
       Which picture shows it?

 a.                                    b.   

c.                 d.

 15. A. Why were you absent yesterday?
B.I had a very bad...
A. I am sory to hear that. Have you taken an aspirin?
B. Yes , I have.

a. backache                     b. headache                c. Sore throat              d. toothache    
16. Icha  : What’s the weather been like recently?
Vivi   : It is very... I could not sleep last night.
a.    Icy                  b. Windy                                  c. Hot                          d. foggy
17. X : How many seasons does Indonesia have?
Y: There are two. They are...
a.    Wet and summer                                           c. Wet and dry
b.    Summer and winter                                       d. hot and spring

18. Adi ......... to school every day.
a. go                     b. goes                                                c. Went                        d. Going
19. Tono : Does your mother give you some money to buy english book?
Dodi : .................... I have english book for studying now.
a.    Yes, my mother does                                                c. Yes, Tono does
b.    No, my mother doesn’t                                  d. No, Tono doesn’t

20. Wawan is smart boy in his class.
What is the opposite of underlined word?
a.    Stupid                         b. Lazy                                                c. Bad              d.Small           
II. Answer the following questions based on the text! ( No 1 – 4 )

            October 23rd, Tuesday
            I got a new friend. Her name is Aulia. I met her at my classmate, Meta`s house. She is her cousin. Aulia is twelve years old. She has a twin sister. Her name is Ananda. Both of them are smart and beautiful. They can sing very well. They are also good at playing musical instruments, especially piano. I`m Very Happy, they have become my new friends because I now can learn singing and playing piano fromthem. I also talked to their mother. She is the best music teacher. She has  a popular studio in town. I want tobe a singer, too. So I must takea music course in her studio. 

11.   Who writes the diary?

22.    When does she write the diary?

33.    Where did Nadia meet Aulia?

44.   How  old is Aulia?

55.   Change the following sentence into passive sentence !
  She usually writes a letter to her friend


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