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I.              Choose the correct answer by crossing the letter a, b, c, d or e!
1.      The Liberal Democrats and the Green party ____________ a coalition before the committee count the ballot paper.
a.     Had formed                                                  d. formed
b.     Have formed                                                            e form
c.     Have been formed

2.      The unsuccessful candidates in the General Election congratulated the new MP after they _____________ .
a.     Have been chose                                       d. have chose
b.     Are chose                                                     e. had been chose
c.     Chose.
3.      The government promised, when they were elected, that they ____________ taxes.
a.     Would raise                                                   d. would not raise
b.     Would rose                                                    e. will raise
c.     Will not raise
4.      The company’s most valuable asset _____   their city-centre property.
a.     Are                                                                 d. was
b.     Is                                                                      e. were
c.     Has
5.      Peter is suffering from stress because of work problems and he _________________ to try meditation.
a.     Had been advised                          d. advised
b.     Is advised                                                      e. has been advised
c.     Advices
6.      Rendy __________ his lung cancer regularly.
a.     Checks up                                                     d. checked up
b.     Is checking up                                              e. checking up
c.     To checking up
7.      By this time next year, my English teacher ____________ from this job.
a.     Will have resigned                                       d. will resign
b.     Resigns                                                           e. will be resigned
c.     Resigned
8.      Most of the children in the school _____________ against polio.
a.     Have been already vaccinated  d. have vaccinated
b.     Have been vaccinated                             e. had vaccinated
c.     Have already been vaccinated
9.      The victim of the car crash ____________ to hospital where he is said by doctors to be in a critical condition.
a.     Has taken                                                      d. has been taken
b.     Took                                                                e. is taken
c.     Had been taken
10.  On April 2011, we _________________ national examination test therefore we have to prepare all the things.
a.     Will be having                                               d. will have
b.     Have                                                              e. had
c.     Have had
11.  Heart attack _________ lead us to death.
a.     May                                                               d. could
b.     Might                                                              e. should
c.     Will
12.  A white woman _____wanted to marry a black man left South Africa because of apartheid.
a.     Whom                                                                        d. which
b.     That                                                                 e. where
c.     Who
13.  Sharks are marine animals ___________________ at the top of the ocean’s food chain for million of years.
a.     That have lived                                            d. that lived
b.     Which have lived                                         e. where have lived
c.     When have lived
14.  The teacher __________ I admired is my English teacher.
a.     Whom                                                                        d. who
b.     Where                                                                        e. that
c.     Which
15.  To lead a well balanced life, you need to have other interest _________ studying.
a.     And                                                                d. beside
b.     Besides                                                           e. between
c.     On
16.  The company has launched the newest product.
The newest product ____________ by the company.
a.     Had launched                                              d. is launched
b.     Has been launched                                                e. launched
c.     Has been being launched
17.  The ballot box _____________ by an opposition in order to avoid being eliminated.
a.     Might be stolen                                            d. might have been stolen
b.     Might steal                                                    e. will steal
c.     Would be stolen
18.  The streets are wet; it ______________ last night.
a.     Must rain                                                        d. might rain
b.     Must be rained                                             e. rained
c.     Must have rained

19.  The theory of continental Drift assumes that there _______ long term climatic changes in many areas during the past.
a.     Must have been                                          d. must be
b.     Must                                                                e. must have
c.     Might have
20.  The officials enjoy having extra facilities but the citizen ________.
a.     Don’t                                                              d. didn’t
b.     Done so                                                         e. do
c.     Could
21.  He orders people around as if he were the owner of the restaurant.
It can be concluded that ________________
a. he has worked hard to own the restaurant
b. he has been the owner for years
c. he is very proud of his restaurant
d. he is just an ordinary employee
e. he has a successful businessman

22.  Collin  :  I wish I celebrated my party at Sahid hotel.
Robert            :  Oh, yeah
From the dialogue we know that Collin’s party …………….
a.     was at hotel
b.     will be in the garden
c.     is not at Sahid hotel
d.     was not at Sahid hotel
e.     is celebrated at Sahid hotel
23.  He told me a lot about Philippines.
He _____________ there for a long time.
a.     Must have lived                                           d.  should be living
b.     Might be living                                              e.  would have lived
c.     Ought to have lived
24.  There were plenty of tickets left for the concert.
We _____________ have bought them in advance.
a.     Couldn’t                                                        d.  mustn’t
b.     Shouldn’t                                                       e.  wouldn’t
c.     Might not
25.  The duties of the new secretary are to answer the telephone, to type letters and ______________ the book keeping.
      a.   doing                                                              d.  to do
      b.   did                                                                  e.  done
      c.   do
26.  After the reward had been distributed, the participants ___________ out of the room.
a.     Went                                                               d. go
b.     Have gone                                                    e. going
c.     Were going
27.  If our president had managed these issues, the citizen ________________ that building.
a.     Would not have destroyed            d.
b.     Will destroy                                                    d. destroy
c.     Would be destroyed.                                  e. would destroy

28.  I was thinking my future.
My feature _____________
a.     Is being thought                                           d. is thought
b.     Thought                                                          e. was being thought
c.     Was thought
29.  ‘Are you the owner of this vehicle?’ Asked the policeman.
The policeman asked me whether I ______________ the owner of that vehicle.
a.     Am                                                                  d. were
b.     Was                                                                 e. have been
c.     Have
30.  It is zebra crossing; cars __________ stop to let us cross here.
a.     Have to                                                          d. may
b.     Should                                                                        e. might
c.     Need to
31.  ‘It is being debated by the prime minister’, told John.
John told that it _____________ by the prime minister.
a.     Was being debated                                                d. is being debated
b.     Is debated                                                     e. has been being debated
c.     Debates
32.  The two skiers were killed _______ an avalanche.
a.     At                                                                    d. on
b.     From                                                               e. in
c.     Between
33.  The professor is seeking to establish the nature of the changes in the ___________ of the area since it became industrialized.
a.     Ecological                                                     d. ecology
b.     Ecosystem                                                     e. ecologist
c.     Ecologically
34.  Amy is director of a local __________ organization.
a.     Charitable                                                     d. charity
b.     Charitably                                                     e. charities
c.     Charityfies
35.  By invading the generals met with the ____________ of the world’s press.
a.     Condemned                                                 d. condemning       
b.     Condemnation                                            e. condemn
c.     Condemnational
36.  She was really a weird, cool, and ________ girl.
a.     A pious                                                           d. pious
b.     A piety                                                           e. piety
c.     Piously 
37.  In this term we are focusing on ecosystem, conservation and _______________.
a.     Industrialist                                                     d. industrial
b.     Industry                                                          e. deforestation
c.     Industries       
38.  The parliament need to rethink, revise, and _________.
a.     Reformed                                                      d. reforming
b.     Reform                                                           e. to reform
c.     To reforming

39.  The minister education suggested having a standard of healthy life and __________ the quality of life.
a.     Improve                                                         d. To improve
b.     Improved                                                      e. improving
c.     To improving
40.  The list of the broadcast in this week are ; breezy, chilly, cool, clear and _________
a.     Dry                                                                  d. dryness
b.     Dried                                                              e. drain
c.     Dryly   

A.   Complete this table.

Has / have + v3
Simple future
Past perfect (passive)
Simple future continuous
Past continuous (passive)

C.   Use the appropriate relative pronouns to fill the gaps.
11.       The person _______ cheated on the examination had to leave the room.
12.       He was the only American _________ I saw at the conference.
13.       The summit offered the audience the options in ___________ the decision will be made.
14.       The officers have surveyed the location in ____________ the witness saw the place.
15.       There is someone on line two _________ would like to speak with you.

D.   Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate tenses.
16.       I __________________ (miss) you if you don’t come to my house.
17.       I ______________ (teach) for three years when I resign from this office.
18.       My roommate _____________ (manage) this room before she went to mall.
19.       The decreasing of population __________ (adjust) by the government.
20.       I ______________(still, work) while others are having holiday.

1. B                  11.D                21.D                31.A
2.E                   12.C                22.D                32.E
3.D                  13.A                23.A                33.D
4.B                   14.A                24.D                34.A
5.E                   15.B                 25.D                35.B
6.A                  16.B                 26.A                36.D
7.A                  17.D                27.A                37.E    
8.C                  18.C                28.E                 38.B
9.D                  19.A                29.B                 39.E    
10.A                20.A                30.A                40.A


1. Recession                                      11. who
2. Globalization                                12. whom      
3.dictator                                           13. which
4. election                                         14. where
5. qualification                                  15. who
6.  Present Perfect                           16. Will miss
7. Shall / will + V1                              17. Have been teaching
8. Had + been + V3              18. Had managed
9. Shall / will + be + Ving                 19. Has been adjusted
10. was/were + being+ V3 20. Am still working


1.      The company has been adjusting the employers’ salary based on their skills
2.      Malaysia has claimed our culture
3.      The weeding party will be being celebrated
4.      The committee are investigating the politician
5.      Her engagement has been being proclaimed.
6.      Teacher’s
7.      Teacher’s
8.      Teacher’s
9.      Teacher’s
10.  Teacher’s

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